The Dalton Nuclear Institute at The University of Manchester has established the most advanced academic nuclear research capability in the UK and is a leading centre for higher learning in nuclear science and engineering. Through academic and industrial interdisciplinary collaboration, we play a key role in providing the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a low-carbon future through nuclear energy. Our extensive world-class facilities and collaborative links help to drive innovation across the nuclear fuel cycle.

Our programme of nuclear skills training includes undergraduate course units and postgraduate qualifications. We also provide professional development courses for the domestic and international nuclear sector. The Institute maintains a number of strategic partnerships with industry, government and academia, ensuring that our research programmes have direct relevance to the nuclear sector.

Dalton Cumbrian Facility

Explore our user facility for academia and industry: find out more about our research and how to use our state-of-the-art facilities in West Cumbria.

Decade of research, skills & impact

Decade of research, skills & impact

Ten years on from its launch in 2005 Dalton Nuclear Institute has grown to deliver the UK’s largest and most networked academic capability in nuclear R&D and high-level skills development.

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