The Dalton Nuclear Institute connects with a wide audience and diverse stakeholder groups across the energy sector.

Through varied industry and academic collaborations and partnerships, we act as a central hub for nuclear energy research and development, facilities and advice.

Business engagement

The Dalton Nuclear Institute is committed to establishing and building long-term strategic partnerships with business and industry as well as other research institutions. We believe in creating mutually beneficial collaborations that provide access to research facilities and expertise for industry together with opportunities for researchers to work on real-world challenges.

Business engagement activities include:

  • Access to cutting edge research capabilities
  • Joint and visiting appointments
  • 'Seamless team' research projects
  • Secondments
  • Access to specialist teaching and expertise
  • Building new nuclear research facilities
  • Strategic planning
  • Joint investment

Outreach and public engagement

Our academics and students deliver inspirational, hands-on science and engineering activities at a range of events. Our educational materials, games and other resources help present information on options for the energy mix, nuclear power and the inner workings of modern nuclear reactors. You can access many of these online.

The Hub

Read the best nucelar-related science and engineering stories - and more - from across The University of Manchester at The Hub.

Media enquiries

Our experts are also ready to advise the media on nuclear matters and provide comment on current topical issues and nuclear-related events.

Media enquiries should be sent to:

Media Relations
The University of Manchester

+44 (0)161 275 8383

Rachel Law
Outreach and Communications Officer
Dalton Nuclear Institute

+44 (0)161 275 4431


Contact us

Dalton Nuclear Institute
The University of Manchester
Pariser Building, Floor G
Sackville Street
M13 9PL

tel +44 (0) 161 275 4263

Dalton Cumbrian Facility
The University of Manchester
Westlakes Science & Technology Park
Moor Row
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tel +44 (0)194 650 8888

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