Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory

The Dalton Nuclear Institute provides extensive manufacturing process, component testing and analytical research facilities. An £8 million laboratory expansion at The University of Manchester has created a new world-class research facility dedicated to improve manufacturing processes and systems.

The Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory houses a range of state-of-the-art equipment including:

  • Laser machining cutting and welding centres
  • A narrow gap welder and submerged arc cladder
  • An extensive suite of tensile testing machines and autoclaves
  • Electron beam and X-ray analytical facilities
Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory

Work in the laboratory focuses on three key areas in nuclear engineering and manufacturing: new materials processing, welding and joining, and surface technology. Research in each area is underpinned by detailed analytical characterisation, thermo-mechanical testing in simulated nuclear power station environments of temperature, pressure and water chemistry, and computer modelling and simulation. These approaches are used to ensure that the technologies under development are optimised and appropriate for manufacturing nuclear components to the highest standards of safety and longevity.

The scope of work undertaken by the Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory is extended through our access to some of the world’s most advanced nuclear research facilities, including the University’s own Dalton Cumbrian Facility where research is focused on the potentially damaging effects of radiation on a wide range of materials.

Nuclear AMRC

Research undertaken in the Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory underpins the work of the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC). Nuclear AMRC, a collaboration between the University of Sheffield and The University of Manchester, is funded by UK Government, the European Union and industry.

The Nuclear AMRC is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities and competitiveness of the UK civil nuclear manufacturing industry, helping them compete for nuclear contracts worldwide by combining industry expertise and university innovation.

Access arrangements

Please contact the Dalton Nuclear Institute if you wish to access any of our facilities or equipment for publicly funded projects or to support proprietary industry-focused research. Access to our facilities may be available through collaborative agreements or purchased access arrangements.

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