Collaborate with us

We believe in creating mutually beneficial collaborations that provide access to research facilities and expertise for industry together with opportunities for researchers to work on real-world challenges.

Collaboration also extends our capacity to educate and train the next generation of researchers and highly skilled, knowledgeable professionals for the nuclear industry. 

Collaboration can take a variety of different forms including:

  • Joint and visiting appointments
  • 'Seamless team' research projects
  • Secondments
  • Access to specialist equipment and expertise
  • Building new nuclear research facilities
  • Strategic planning
  • Joint investment

Benefits of collaboration

Our experience of forging such partnerships has demonstrated many advantages, including:

  • Clear pathways to transfer high-quality research into industrial applications
  • A catalyst for innovation to drive industrial growth
  • Access to world-class research leadership and expert consultancy 
  • Opportunities to create and access major new nuclear research facilities 
  • Skills development for the industrial workforce
  • Education and training for the next generation of researchers and industrial professionals
  • The opportunity to create long-term partnerships and forge strong links to the University

Contact Professor Francis Livens, Interim Director of the Dalton Nuclear Institute, to discuss collaboration opportunities. 

Our research network:

The partnerships and connections we've made have been fundamental to what we've achieved. Included here are many of our main collaborators, from government to other universities to industry partners. 

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