Rolls-Royce Nuclear University Technology Centre

The University of Manchester and Rolls-Royce are collaborating through the Rolls-Royce Nuclear University Technology Centre, dedicated to nuclear technology engineering and development.

Dame Nancy Rothwell with representatitives of Rolls-Royce

The University Technology Centre (UTC) is a long-term, industry-funded collaboration that supports the continuity and quality of the University’s research and development portfolio for nuclear technology. The collaboration provides Rolls-Royce with high-quality research expertise at the cutting edge of technology and presents the University’s academic partners with real-world challenges for their research. 

Led by Professor Tim Abram, the UTC harnesses the work of leading academics and research teams who specialise in developing technologies for the nuclear power industry. It is driving innovations across the nuclear fuel cycle to support the future development of nuclear energy that is safe and secure. Current research focuses on material properties, modelling of processes in nuclear plant, safety and reliability. Projects have applications in both civil nuclear power and the submarine programme.

The UTC is helping to develop the skills of the next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers needed by industry. It clearly demonstrates the value for both industry and the University of a partnership which fosters the exchange of skills and knowledge between academic and industry personnel.

Established in 2009, the UTC continues the long-standing and rewarding collaboration between Rolls-Royce and The University of Manchester. Rolls-Royce is also the lead industrial partner in the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC), a collaboration between The University of Manchester and the University of Sheffield.

Research focus

The Rolls-Royce Nuclear University Technology Centre focuses on:

  • Properties of fissile and engineering materials
  • Modelling of processes in nuclear plants
  • Nuclear safety and reliability
  • Applications in civil nuclear power and the submarine programme
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