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Dalton Nuclear Institute

Blonde haired lecturer writing equation on blackboard

Schools, colleges and the public

Our academics and students develop and deliver inspirational, hands-on science and engineering activities at events and schools in the local area.

We aim to create space for our nuclear scientists and engineers to talk about their research with the public and to listen to their views. From school children to parents to grandparents, this work is relevant to everyone.

Professor Sarah Heath / Associate Director, Dalton Nuclear Institute

We’re passionate about enthusing people of all ages with science and engineering while giving researchers the chance to engage with members of the public. We attend a number of events including:

You can access a variety of tools, games and information sources about nuclear energy below.

Tools and games

Other resources

Primary education

  • Idahoptv games - Fun games for children to learn about nuclear energy.
  • NRC fun and games - Fun worksheets for younger children to complete.
  • Radtown - Learn more about the sources of radiation in many areas, including your neighbourhood or in the great outdoors.

Secondary education

  • DECC 2050 game - DECC has created a game to try and simulate the 2050 emission reduction target. Great for all secondary age groups.
  • NeoK12 - A variety of short useful classroom teaching videos and lessons. Perfect for KS3 and KS4.
  • UK Nuclear Education - If you’re looking for lots of information, look no further. Everything from radiation dose units to the amount of energy released in a fusion reaction. Perfect for KS4 and KS5 classes.
  • What is nuclear? - An informative website to learn about the uses and issues of nuclear energy, as well as about different types of nuclear reactor. Perfect for KS4 and KS5 classes.