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Dalton Nuclear Institute

Siting implications of nuclear energy: a path to net zero

Our paper 'Siting implications of nuclear energy: a path to net zero' outlines the key actions needed to deliver a responsible nuclear sector in the UK's net zero future.

In the UK, nuclear energy seems at last to be returning to the fore after decades of comparative, if productive, obscurity. For the expansion necessary to help deliver our net zero ambition and the new applications envisaged for nuclear energy, the limited number of nominated nuclear sites in the UK is insufficient. Delivering on these ambitions will therefore require new nuclear sites to be identified, and new communities to accept nuclear facilities.

The paper

Siting implications of nuclear energy: a path to net zero

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This is not a trivial task, and common to all discussions is the ever-present question of waste. It is only by addressing this issue now and taking time to understand the impact of the whole lifecycle, can we realistically and responsibly deliver the scale of siting required.

This report aims to further discussion on the matter, and provides recommendations on how to use nuclear energy responsibly to deliver net zero.

The authors

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